The Bachelorette Party

They’re a week late, but the pictures are in!!
Bring 18 girls + 1 bride-to-be together, and hilarity, dancing, and a little (just a little) drinking will ensue.

Our theme was little black dress, so my sister stood
out in her hot white satin dress.

Is she gorgeous or what?
Before we drove down to Foxwoods for our night at Shrine nightclub, Karen and I went to MAC and had our makeup done. Fab.u.lous.

It’s all about the fake eyelashes.
I was feeling pretty hot that night, I’m not gonna lie! I think it was my first BIG night out since losing 50 lbs. and I really loved my makeup and dress. For all you plus-size ladies out there, give the junior-plus department at Macy’s a try (I found this dress online). I figured that since it was from the junior’s department I should go with the largest size, a 3X. Well, the top was definitely too big and I yanked it up all night long! Should’ve gone with the 2X!!

An amazing night with some amazing ladies. Can’t wait until 10.10.10 for the wedding!!

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