On the Road Again

Or the track, that is. The indoor, air-conditioned track at my gym.

I went running last night! Not so amazing as I used to run all the time. But amazing nonetheless as I really haven’t run since my half marathon in April. I’ve kind of been dreading it because it’s so. freakin’. hot!!!

But last night I thought, I want to run. And more than that, I felt a need to run. There’s something so liberating about lacing up your sneakers, strapping on your Nano, and just moving. One foot in front of the other, arms pumping, ponytail swinging. No elliptical or free weights or fancy dance moves needed. Just your legs, propelling you forward.

Sadly, I’m not on top of my game anymore. Not that I was ever on top! Running a slow pace and stopping to walk now and then isn’t exactly what the elite of elite runners are known for. But I did what I could. The point is, I did it. And last night, running felt amazing, no matter how fast I was going or how much I walked.

My plan is to gradually increase my distance as I used to. I want to work my way up from a 5K, which I feel confident I could do now without stopping to walk (though this heat would be a killer on my stamina, I’m sure!). My end goal is a half marathon sometime this fall (Probably the half marathon during the Ruben Studdard Celebration Weekend. Yup, that’s right. That guy from American Idol. He’s apparently gotten into running and lost weight. Good for him! I’m right there with him.). This gives me plenty of time, which I’ll need, because getting outside to run longer distances in this heat will be tricky.

So for now, it’s 3 miles at the gym, a couple times a week. After a few weeks, I’ll increase that to 4, then 5, then I’ll have to move outside. Running lap after lap around the track at the gym gets really dull…even if it IS air-conditioned!

How do you prepare to run during the heat in the summer? Do you change your diet or water intake?

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4 Responses to On the Road Again

  1. Jen West says:

    Just make sure you are completely hydrated before you run (even weigh yourself), then replenish what fluid you lost after you finish. If you go longer than 30 or 40 minutes in really bad heat, consider bringing water with you on your run. Rock on girl!!!!

  2. Great job! Girl, I haven’t ran since Week 6 of C25K — I reallllllly need to get back to it! I used to love the indoor track at my college’s rec center!

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