Body Lovin’

My friend Summer inspired today’s post when she sent me a link to Feel More Better’s “Not Photoshopped” campaign.

I love that these 28 bloggers came together to stand up against using PhotoShop to create unhealthy expectations of what women should look like. I’m guilty of having these expectations. I’ve loved magazines since I was a teenager and, though I still do, I’m much more aware of how much photoshopping goes on. Women’s thighs are thinned, chests are augmented and hips are slimmed. Most women photographed in magazines don’t look exactly like that in real life.

See how they slimmed her down on the left? She looked perfectly fine before PhotoShop!

So what’s a real woman to do? We compare ourselves to these unnatural images anyway. We wish for no cellulite and bigger breasts or rounder butts. We can get them. With PhotoShop. Or we can appreciate the body that God gave us.

Sure, we can always make it better. There’s no reason why we can’t accept our bodies and appreciate them, but also strive to become healthier, more active individuals. I fully support people who accept their bodies as they are. I try to do that too. I have my moments when, staring in the mirror, I think, “Will I ever lose this weight? Will I ever think of myself as ‘curvy’ instead of ‘fat’?” And then I have my moments when I think, “Girl, you look pretty good!”

I think we all have this war going on in our heads and PhotoShop doesn’t make it any better. It gives us these ideas of what “society” or, really,” magazine editors who are used to seeing stick-thin models walk down a runway and then eat a dinner consisting of carrots and cigarettes,” says is normal.

But we’re normal. Every single one of us is real and normal and beautiful. I would like the modeling industry and the fashion industry and the magazine industry to change and recognize the beauty in all body sizes, shapes, colors and ethnicities. And we’re just the people to make that change happen.

To learn more, visit Feel More Better’s website!

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