Love My Body Project #5

Happy Valentine’s Day! And Happy Love Your Body Day!!

Today I want to celebrate the emotion that my body allows me to relate to others. I love that I can give someone a hug and they can know I’m happy for them, excited to see them, that I feel sympathy for them or that I simply care. I can smile at someone and they will return that smile. I can hold someone’s hand and they can feel the love I have for them. Isn’t it amazing all the messages our bodies can convey?

Today’s the last day of my spontaneous Love My Body Project and I want to thank everyone who read along and sent messages of why they love their body, too! It was a simple thing that came to me last weekend, but it seemed important for me to do as I’ve been feeling a little down. Did it help? Well, I think it did! I think each time I wanted to think negatively about my body and about this weight-loss journey, which seems never-ending and defeating at times, I reminded myself of all the good my body does. 

Although the Love My Body Project is officially over, I do want to continue to do this on my own, in a journal perhaps, to lift myself up instead of tearing myself down. Whether we’re 100% happy in the bodies we have now, or we want to make some improvements, it’s important to learn to love yourself and all that you CAN do, rather than focus on the “I wants” and the negatives. Let’s celebrate what we have!

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  1. Laura Gallitz
    February 14, 2013 at 4:42 pm (4 years ago)

    I love myself, which includes my body. Because I love myself, I am going to try to take good care of myself, as much as I would a child or a spouse. My child or spouse can’t eat right or exercise for me – they shouldn’t bathe or dress me. I have to take care of me! So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I am loving my body by going to Zumba. Virtual hugs!


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