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I am so pumped up right now, it’s hard to describe how excited I feel! From attending my first Weight Watchers meeting in a long time, to support from my good friend Summer and others, it’s been an uplifting week!

And then, this happened:

picstitchI was interviewed for Health magazine a few months ago, but I wasn’t sure when (or if) it would be published. And then, there it was! So great! My tips revolved around snacking — something I think I’ve finally got under control. (Or I try to control!) As it says in my “In The Office” tip, as long as I’m prepared with snacks or a healthy dessert option, then I don’t give in to other temptations as easily.

We talked about preparation at the Weight Watchers meeting Thursday morning. Specifically, we talked about having a plan when going out to eat. It’s something I’m getting used to doing. Looking up menus before I go, and deciding what I will order ahead of time. It makes it easier to stick to my plan (and my points limit!) and not be “seduced” by the rest of the menu. I also oftentimes plan out my daily points around going out to eat, if I know that I will, that way I can eat less at other meals, if necessary.

As I told a few friends, I am, sadly, not down 45 lbs. from my highest weight anymore, as it said in the Health article. More like 30-ish. That bums me out. But I know I can get back there, and the energy I feel after this week is proof that I have it in me.

When I first heard the article was published, I was a little nervous. I thought, “I still have so much weight to lose. People will wonder ‘Why did they interview her?'” But then I realized, I’m working hard at this and I have ups and downs just like so many others. We’re not perfect, but we’re trying. We don’t always succeed, but we don’t give up. That’s what matters!

Some of the other women in the article have lost more than 100 pounds — so amazing! They are such an inspiration to me, and to others, I am sure. While I may not always be on my game, I have learned a thing or two along this weight-loss journey and I hope I can share those tidbits with others. I like knowing that others are sharing in my efforts; it keeps me going and it keeps me accountable. I hope, in some small way, I am helping other people, too!

For anyone who found my blog because of the Health article, welcome! You can learn more about me here and here, and for the most recent update, here.

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