My 2014 Goal: Simply DO BETTER

I feel like I’ve had a lot of conversations in the last week or so about numbers. I wrote recently about how I am trying to focus less on numbers and more on how eating well and exercising regularly makes me feel. It’s still true, but I automatically default to numbers anyway.

Every day I think in terms of calories. Of steps walked or miles ran or minutes spent spinning or lifting. Or minutes spent doing nothing. I think about how many weeks it will take me to lose a certain number of pounds, and how many days a week I will work out. I think back to a few years ago when I was at my lowest weight, and to years before that when I was at my highest weight.

I think about the size of my clothes. Of shopping at the Gap when I was in high school and how I’m close to being able to shop there again … only then I was a size 14 or so, and now they make clothes in higher sizes that I can fit into.

With all these numbers swirling around my head, it’s no wonder it can be overwhelming. I can beat myself up about weighing only slightly less on this date than I did on this date last year. I can berate myself for weighing 20 lbs. or so more this year than I did on this date a couple years ago.

It’s why I really am trying to focus on how I feel, as opposed to the number on the scale. I won’t lie. When the scale read 251.4 the day before I headed North for Christmas, I was ecstatic. I may have even done a nude happy dance in my bathroom.

But as satisfying as a great weigh-in can be, I want celebrate non-scale victories — the airplane seatbelt fitting more comfortably was a great feeling! — and focus on that healthy feeling I get when I’m drinking lots of water (no soda!), eating inside my calorie limit and working out regularly.

So as I head into 2014, I don’t plan on making a specific weight loss goal. Or 5k running goal. Or jeans size goal. My goal for the new year is going to be a little more simple: DO BETTER.

Day to day, week to week, from one meal to the next and one workout to the next, I just want to strive to DO BETTER.

I won’t lie. I have a vague number in my head that I’d like to see on the scale around the time of my wedding. But it is vague. And while I plan to track my progress with the scale, taking measurements, etc., to help keep me on track, my focus will be how I feel. And in order to feel my best, I am simply going to strive to DO BETTER in 2014. In all areas of my life: fitness, health, nutrition and with work, relationships, writing, etc.

People are always saying that the person you’re really in competition with is yourself, and for 2014, that’s definitely going to be the case for me.

Are you ready to DO BETTER, too?

About stellarfashionandfitness

I am Jennifer, a 35-year-old woman living in Birmingham, Ala., miles from my Northeast-based family and some of my closest friends, but loving the Magic City, my husband and the friends I’ve made here in the South. I’ve lived in nine different states, plus London, and worked for some top-notch publications (Southern Living, Women’s Wear Daily/W magazine) as a writer and copy editor. Now I am loving my role as assistant editor at a bass fishing magazine.
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2 Responses to My 2014 Goal: Simply DO BETTER

  1. Kavi says:

    Happy New Year J! I think that is the perfect resolution for you. Cheers to a wonderful 2014 and hope that you “do better!”

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