I Got Stuck In My Sports Bra

Tonight I raced home after a tough Torque class that took me a while to finish, hoping that I’d get home by 8:00 after stopping off for gas and to pick up dinner (grilled chicken salad!). I ran (OK, hobbled) upstairs to take a shower, started stripping off my still sweaty and nasty workout clothes and then, yup, I got stuck in my sports bra.

I danced around my closet, trying to lift my arms up high enough to easily slip the wet Lycra bondage piece over my head and off my arms. But I kept getting more and more twisted up as my arms ached and I audibly groaned in pain.

Finally the damn torture device came off after I started over from scratch, continuing to groan with each ache of my arms and tug at the material.

I guess this is the result of missing Torque last week because of the snowpocalypse that brought Birmingham to a halt (and left my car on the side of 280 as I hiked to a friend’s house to take cover for two days as we awaited the thaw). Whenever I don’t work out for too many days in a row, it’s like starting all over again. It’s also the result of this WOD:

150 push-ups
150 squats
150 lateral raises
150 lunges (I road the stationary bike instead to save my poor knees)
150 box dips
150 curls
150 sit-ups

And after each exercise we ran 0.06 on the self-propelled treadmill.

Oof! Needless to say, it was a doozy, but surprisingly I enjoyed it all. A big reason for this was having two friends there with me — Tyler and Helen — to laugh with and push me along. Workouts are much more enjoyable when you do them with friends, especially friends who encourage you and inspire you to be as fit as they are.

It’s actually thanks to Helen that I won an Instagram challenge at my Gold’s Gym location last week! Her picture was among the pictures I took that earned me two free 45-minute personal training sessions and free entry into Gold’s 12-week transformation challenge. Luckily for me, the gym staff will help me focus on working out and nutrition for the next 12 weeks — right up to the month of my wedding! Perfect timing!

Meghan (the fitness director and spinning instructor) took my measurements, weight, body fat and photos yesterday. I will try to improve all of those areas over the next 12 weeks. They even have a few seminars for us to give us pointers and discuss what to eat. Should be informative!

Mostly I’m just happy to have this opportunity at this time because I needed a good kick in the pants. I have a small goal in mind, and if I exceed that goal, then great! I’ve already lost a little over 2 pounds and am on my way back to my pre-Christmas weight — and lower!

Have you ever had any mishaps because you were sore after a workout? Tell me about progress you’ve made in a 12-week time period.

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  1. tlsylvan
    February 6, 2014 at 8:43 am (3 years ago)

    Hahahahahaha! Congrats on the accomplishments – those workouts sound HARD. I’d be nervous to take a class with you!

    But really. My favorite is the sports bra story. Love it!


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