Friday Five

1. Grammar Nerds — Unite!
If you happen to be friends with me on Facebook, then you know that I posted a status update yesterday railing against the AP Stylebook’s decision to ease up on the use of “over” rather than replacing it with “more than” as in the past. Whatever your feelings may be on this issue (or you may have no feelings because you’re not a total word nerd like me!), the best thing to come out of this status update are the comments from fellow writers/editors/English geeks like myself. I love when an interest, no matter how dorky it may seem to others, gets everyone to band together, or starts a conversation. It makes me feel like I have others out there in the world that “get” me!

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 7.43.15 PM


2. My Thighs Are Killing Me!
Wednesday night I used one of the free personal training sessions I won as part of the Gold’s Gym Instagram challenge. I asked my friend and coworker Helen to join me, as I was working out with the trainer she was paired with for the past six months. Holy. Hell. I was not prepared for the beating my body received!

That's steep!

That’s steep!

Our first round included five burpees, then climbing those stairs, followed by a run to the basketball court, where we did suicides, then back and start all over again. I did three rounds and I. Was. BEAT! I had to walk the stairs the last time and I could barely run.

Then we went inside for arms — kettle bell swings, push-ups, bicep curls, tricep dips, plus three different core exercises. Three rounds. Needless to say I am still sore, and probably will be all weekend! But I had a great time and feel like I can accomplish even more next time (I hope!).

3. See Us Blog
Last night I attended a class for members of See Jane Write, the awesome group that Javacia started here in Birmingham. Her insight is always so helpful and I learned a lot about the importance of consistency when blogging, why we shouldn’t steal photos off the Internet (You might get sued!) and how social media can add to your brand. If you live in the Birmingham area and you want to learn more about writing, or just meet fellow writers/bloggers like yourself, definitely check out See Jane Write! (Here’s a link to Javacia’s fabulous online magazine: See Jane Write Magazine.)

4. Mod shoes.
I am ob-sessed with these shoes!

Discover Your Pastel Flat in mint by Modcloth, $59.99

Discover Your Pastel Flat in mint by Modcloth, $59.99

I think they will go nicely with some wedding-event related outfits and I should snatch them up immediately! Do you agree?

4. Even Little Changes Are A Big Deal
As I wrote recently, the weight-loss journey that I seem to be on perpetually can have its ups and downs, its times of refocusing on what really matters. I was looking back at this photo that I have on my “About Me” page and I realized that since this picture was taken, I may be down just 30 pounds, but instead of focusing on that “just” I need to take in the small changes that add up to a lot: the slimmer face, the leaner arms, simply the confidence to take a side-view shot of my torso! I have work to do — I’m not blind to that. But I’m also proud of how far I’ve come!

August 2009 v. March 2014

August 2009 v. March 2014


2 Comments on Friday Five

  1. Kate
    March 21, 2014 at 8:11 am (3 years ago)

    That difference is HUGE! 30 lbs is a serious accomplishment. And I’m jealous of how strong you are. Can’t wait to (start to) get back in shape post baby.

    Oh, and I’ve been admiring those shoes, too. Snap them up!

  2. tlsylvan
    March 21, 2014 at 9:46 am (3 years ago)

    You look GREAT Jen! Congrats on your accomplishments! And that personal training workout sounds like a killer, I’m tired just reading it!


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