I’m A Copy Cat

Sometimes when you’re on a weight-loss journey that stretches on for a long time, like I am, you turn to others for inspiration. You need ideas for healthy meals, satisfying snacks and new workouts to try. I know I enjoy a challenge, to fuel my interest and motivation. Luckily for me, I have several friends who are always training for an upcoming race or willing to push me forward when I need it.

That's Katie and me up top, after a run, and Javacia and me on the bottom.

That’s Katie and me up top, after a run, and Javacia and me on the bottom.

Two of those friends are Katie and Javacia. Whether they realize it or not, their commitment to fitness has given me new spurts of determinedness time and time again. And today is no exception. Yesterday, Katie posted on Instagram that she had gone over her monthly challenge to run 54 miles in June by completing 68! And Javacia completed a GirlTrek challenge to walk 100 miles in one month — 100 miles! I am so proud of both of them for taking on the various fitness challenges that they do … and it’s rubbing off on me. For which I can’t thank them enough!

So, in their honor, I’m going to embark on my own fitness challenge for the month of July. I’m going to start slow by planning to walk/run 40 miles this month. That could be 2 miles five times a week, or more miles on fewer days. And this won’t include any spinning classes or weight training that I will try to do as well.

My goal is to: 1.) Use this time while I’m experiencing my anti-gym feeling to still challenge myself more than I have been of late, and 2.) Keep a physical, fitness-oriented goal in mind that while hopefully helping me lose weight, has nothing specifically to do with the number on the scale. Walking (or running, as I may choose to do) is simply good for my health. And the more I do, the better!

If you want to keep tabs on my mileage this month, please do so by following me on Instagram or Twitter. I will use the hashtag #stellarmiles as I embark on this July challenge.

And a big thanks to Katie, Javacia and everyone else who helps motivate me! I swear, I’m not stalking you … just your fitness ideas!


About stellarfashionandfitness

I am Jennifer, a 35-year-old woman living in Birmingham, Ala., miles from my Northeast-based family and some of my closest friends, but loving the Magic City, my husband and the friends I’ve made here in the South. I’ve lived in nine different states, plus London, and worked for some top-notch publications (Southern Living, Women’s Wear Daily/W magazine) as a writer and copy editor. Now I am loving my role as assistant editor at a bass fishing magazine.
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2 Responses to I’m A Copy Cat

  1. tlsylvan says:

    Wooooo girl! I’d love to log some of those miles with you later in the month!

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