What I want {Beauty Edition} + Giveaway!

First, thank you to all the readers who read Monday’s post — well, thank you to everyone who reads my blog anytime! But I appreciate y’all participating in the eMeals giveaway.

I’m happy to announce that reader Kandice won the drawing! I think you’ll really enjoy using eMeals; I know it’s going to help me come up with a variety of healthy meals, too.

For anyone who is interested in trying eMeals, they have a great 20% off discount right now! Just use the code SCHOOL when you purchase your plan.

Now, I have to take a second to apologize for my lack of knowledge about WordPress/widgets/JavaScript, etc. I wanted to use a service that could appear on my blog so y’all could easily enter the giveaway instead of having to follow a link. Apparently WordPress.com doesn’t go for that kind of thing, so my apologies. I hope to do more things like this in the future, and I plan to make it easier by switching to WordPress.org, which gives me a little more freedom.

Now, enough with the technicalities. Let’s move on to why you really opened this post — beauty products!

I’m so loyal to the products I use that I rarely try new things. But when I do, I have to tell you about them.

First up, though, is something I know I’ve written about before, but since I need a new compact I thought I’d sing the praises of Mac’s Studio Fix one more time. It’s that good. No need for liquid foundation, just slap this on in the a.m. and you’re good all day. I rarely have to reapply or do touch-ups. And while it’s a little pricey ($27), one compact lasts for months.


Second, Bumble and bumble Dryspun Finish. I mean, for a girl with usually flat, thin hair, this just doesn’t get any better. Somehow it magically adds volume — and I’m not talking just a little volume. We’re talking sequins-bedazzled country singer or ’80s pop star kind of volume — all without the teasing. Again, pricey at $29 for 4 ounces, but so, so worth it.


You may or may not know that pink lips are trendy right now. And I mean pink lips. Luckily, I just so happened to find this lovely shade of satin lipgloss at Sephora — electric fuschia — and I think it will look pretty on a lot of skin tones. The trick to wearing lips this bright? Minimal eye makeup.

satin electric fuchsia


If you’re like me and you’re not patient enough to wait for your nails to dry, or you hate when they chip too easily, then nail stickers are your friends. You can find Essie Sleek Sticks at CVS for just $10.25. The package comes with enough for two applications.


Finally, it’s fall, which means the temps are getting cooler. Which means your skin may start getting drier. Which means you need Johnson Baby Oil Gel. I may have written about this before too, because it’s something I’ve used for a while. I use a little on my legs and arms right after I shower, before toweling off. Or mix a dab with your regular lotion to add more moisturizing power.

oil6What beauty products are you in the market for? Do you have any old favorites that you still turn to again and again?


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