Midmonth Update: Workouts & Food


I am a few days late checking in with y’all on how my monthly goals are going.

This month I really wanted to focus on eating, and I am not doing too bad. I will admit to eating a few too many sweets — what is it about baked goods that makes me go weak in the knees? But more often than not this month I have turned to some fairly tasty, healthy snacks, namely The Good Bean’s roasted chick peas, dried apricots, fresh raspberries and portion-controlled cashews.

My weekends have been … OK. I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I haven’t had some indulgences on the weekends, because I have. I do believe that if I keep myself in check during the week, I can still have a little leniency on the weekends and lose weight. But admittedly I need to work on my weekend food routine.

Another area I need to work on is preparing meals. I am a big fan of grocery shopping only once or twice a week for the items I need for all of my meals — but lately I feel like I’ve been at the grocery store every other day. I actually went last night, and I got the ingredients for meals for throughout the week. I will check in soon with some of the dishes I am eating for lunch and dinner, but this will be my week to stick to the plan and not give in to the ease of picking up food and bringing it home, even if it is a salad!

As for workouts, I’ve been pretty happy with my progress! I hit up Firm Body Boot Camp last week, spinning and yoga. The week before I was nursing my sore knee, so I focused more on my eating, but last night I went for a short walk/run, and thankfully I felt pretty good! I want to fit in at least two walks/runs and a boot camp class for the remainder of this week.

I really am learning that when I eat more healthfully and drink a ton of water, the weight comes off a little easier and I simply feel better. Of course, this is my biggest struggle, so I am taking it one day at a time. My workouts fuel that healthy attitude and make me feel stronger and less stressed. So finding that happy balance with food and fitness is my focus this month, and so far I’m pretty happy with how I’m moving forward.

Check in with me on what you’re working on during May! Are you making progress with your goals? We’ve got this!

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