Trying v. Being Perfect

Last week I posted this message in my Stellar Fit Fam Facebook group that said:


Oh how this is true. I can beat myself up pretty easily when I deviate from my eating plan. While I always preach the 80-20 rule — finding balance between eating well the majority of the time and allowing yourself a few treats — sometimes I’m hard on myself if I’m not 100 all the time.

And lately I have definitely made some mistakes.

I have been drinking more water, diligently tracking what I’m eating, but I also haven’t been as active as I’d like, and my sweet tooth got the best of me a few times last week.

The important thing for me to remember — for us all to remember — is the big picture. About seven or eight years ago, I never gave my health much thought. Sure, I wanted to lose weight. But that was the only reason I ever tried to eat better or exercise.

Since then, I’ve found numerous reasons to work on my health. Besides living a longer, more energetic and full life, I’ve always said that when I’m focused on my diet and workouts, I feel better — physically and mentally. I’ve also developed wonderful friendships with other people who are trying to be healthier, too — relationships that may not exist if I was on the track I was on eight years ago.

So while I may make some mistakes, I know that I am no longer in that apathetic zone. I know now that, on a daily basis, I will challenge myself to make the healthy choice. Even when I slip or make a mistake, I know I can pick myself back up and right the ship.

This week, take some time to write down the things you get right each day. Take time to celebrate the small victories.

I will share some of mine on Instagram and in the Stellar Fit Fam Facebook group. I hope you will share your successes there with me, too!

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