#NoCheatNovember Is The Goal!

On Sunday, while curled up in the couch enjoying a little fire and “Flea Market Flip,” I came across the #NoCheatNovember hashtag on Instagram.


I first saw it on @oklahomawwnurse’s feed and asked her, does this mean you can only use daily Weight Watchers points, and no weeklies? She kindly responded that the challenge is whatever you want to make it, so I decided to jump onboard.

I’m already doing well with my #stellarmiles goal to walk/run 20 miles this month. But this additional goal will hopefully help where I need the most control — eating.

And you can join me with #NoCheatNovember even if you don’t do Weight Watchers!


Decide what you want your rules to be, share them with me on the Stellar Fashion & Fitness Facebook page or the Stellar Fit Fam Facebook group, and use the #NoCheatNovember hashtag with all of your Instagram and Twitter posts.

My rules:
1. Track every.single.bite! And do so honestly!
2. Earn activity points every day. Whether it’s 2 points from walking throughout the day, or additional workouts, just rack ’em up!
3. Don’t use all of my weekly points. Try to have at least 10 weekly points, or more, leftover at the end of the week (which for me is Friday).
4. Don’t worry about Thanksgiving Day! This will be my one exception to #NoCheatNovember.

What are your rules for #NoCheatNovember? Will you join in the challenge with me?

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