Dashing Toward The Mustache Dache

Last month I announced that my next official race will be the Mustache Dache here in Birmingham, Ala., on Dec. 5. I’m so excited to add another 5k bib to my collection!


Earlier this year when I held the first Makeshift 5k, my goal was to keep up my level of running/walking so I’d always be ready to do a 5k. Well, after my 2-mile run/walk on Monday and Tuesday mornings, I can safely say that while I will be able to complete 3.1 miles, I may not do so as easily as I once could.

So what’s a girl to do?

Train, of course!

For this next month my focus will be on the Mustache Dache and improving my breathing, pace and stride. I was a little more out of breath during my miles this week than I usually am, so I can tell I haven’t been as regular with the walking/running. I was pretty happy with my pace, though I’d like to improve that a little by Dec. 5. And as far as my stride goes, well, I’ve never been really sure that I’m running “correctly.” I’m sure everyone has their own style, but I know there are ways to run that will decrease things like plantar fasciitis pain and knee troubles. I intend to do some research on that this month — and I’ll share what I learn with you!

I would love for you all to join me on Dec. 5 and run 3.1 miles, too! Just like with the Makeshift 5ks, we’ll check in with each other on social media, so post your photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and use the hashtag #stellarmiles.

Or, if you’re in Birmingham, please sign up for the Mustache Dache and let me know! We can run/walk together that morning — or I’ll at least meet you at the finish line to celebrate! Here’s the Mustache Dache page to sign up.

And don’t forget to check in with me as you train! I’ll be cheering for you!

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