Weight-Loss Accountability Tools: Part II

Last week I wrote about one way I am trying to hold myself accountable to my fitness and health goals. I’ve been having a lot of fun checking in on the activity of the community on DietBet.

Here are other ways I use to keep myself accountable — and not surprisingly, most of them involve community! I find having the support of others is vital to working toward my goals.

  1. Stellar Fit Fam: 
    Not long ago I started a Facebook group called the Stellar Fit Fam, and I have thoroughly enjoyed cheering on other members with their fitness goals, exchanging ideas for healthy recipes and just voicing our thoughts and concerns. It’s a safe place where we all believe in body positivity and I have learned so much from everyone already! Please feel free to join us, if you’re interested!
    stellar fit fam
  2. #NoCheatNovember:
    Earlier this month I found a hashtag on Instagram for #NoCheatNovember and discovered a group of people working to keep their nutrition goals in check. I decided I would work to only eat within my Weight Watchers daily and weekly points — no cheating! And actually, I wanted to strive to have weekly points leftover. Thankfully I’ve done well so far — last week I had 22 points left!
  3. 20 #stellarmiles in November:
    I set a goal to run or walk 20 miles this month, and I’m already at 10 miles as of the halfway point, which feels great! Most of these miles came from walking, so I intend to ramp up the running for the last two weeks in preparation of the Mustache Dache 5k.
    Welcome to November! My challenge this month is to walk/run 20 miles. Will you join me? {Blog post link in bio} #stellarmiles #november20 #walk #run #fitness #fitblog
  4. Enlisting a friend:
    The best thing about all of my accountability goals is the community of friends/families/readers who have joined in and provide support along the way. One of my closest friends has started a Google doc for us to share and help each other’s weight-loss goals. We track the foods we eat each day, and our activities (we both happen to be doing Weight Watchers), and we write our weekly goals, check in midweek and do a follow-up at week’s end. It’s so great to have that someone to confide in! I think this would work for any eating plan you choose to do.

So these four, with the DietBet, are the accountability tools I’m employing right now to keep me on track.

How do you stay on track? Do you have other accountability tools that you can recommend?

2 Comments on Weight-Loss Accountability Tools: Part II

  1. Miriam
    November 15, 2015 at 9:13 pm (1 year ago)

    Jennifer, I love this post and your accountability steps! I have a Zumba class I attend on Tues. and Thurs. each week and the ladies in my class have been great to help keep me motivated. I also joined our local Planet Fitness and work out with the trainer there. Having appointments makes it easier to show up! My 14 year old son also signs up with me for 5K walks and has been a huge encouragement. I am now starting the C25K app and running just a little.

    • stellarfashionandfitness
      November 22, 2015 at 6:06 pm (1 year ago)

      Having appointments always helps me show up, too! It’s a key part of my accountability to make workout plans with friends. Good luck with the C25k app! I hope you like it!


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