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Yesterday I did something a little scary. Actually, I did two scary things: I relaunched my blog with a chic, updated design. I was really excited to unveil my blog’s new design, but of course I hoped that there wouldn’t be any kinks (knock on wood!) and that everyone would like it!

Thankfully, it’s been well received so far.

But the most nerve-wracking thing I did yesterday was make my new Personal Styling services available. It’s nerve-wracking only in that starting a new venture is always a little frightening. But I feel so strongly that I want to help others embrace their personal style and feel good about themselves, I just had to give this a try!

I have always enjoyed going shopping with friends and family. Most days, I can walk into a store and immediately decide 1) if we’re going to find anything worth buying there, and 2) if the store’s styles and employees are going to help me, or the person I’m shopping with, feel good inside and out.

Having a positive shopping experience goes a long way in defining how we’ll feel in the garments we wear. That’s why I want to help others find clothes they love — and clothes that build their confidence! Hopefully they will take that dose of confidence and it will empower them at work, at school or at a special event.

This past year, I tried to be more daring with my wardrobe, and I've loved trying new looks! I can't wait to help others do the same!

This past year, I tried to be more daring with my wardrobe, and I’ve loved trying new looks! I can’t wait to help others do the same!

So that’s why I decided to offer Online Styling Consultations and In-Person Consultations & Shopping Trips. I will specialize in helping plus-size women find their own style and learning to dress outside the box. But I will work with all shapes, sizes and ages!

With the two options explained below, I will help you find the missing pieces for your wardrobe, or help you find an outfit for a specific event — whether you live in the Birmingham Metro area or not!

Using a questionnaire designed to learn more about your current style and what you want out of your consultation experience, I will help you build your wardrobe, and your confidence, either with an online chat and links to buy new looks, or an in-person shopping trip with me.

And to celebrate the launch of my Personal Styling services, I will discount my current rates by 25% through the end of this week!

That means the Online Styling Consultations, regularly $35, is just $26.25 through midnight on Friday, Jan. 8.

And the In-Person Consultation & Shopping Trip, regularly $75 for two hours, is $56.25 through midnight on Friday, Jan. 8. (Additional hours purchased remain at $25/hour.)

If you have any questions about my new Personal Styling services, please email me any time: stellarfashionandfitness [at]

Here’s to making 2016 our most stylish year yet!

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