What I Want Now: Cozy Pants

Like much of the country, I’m keeping a close eye on the weather today. We may not get feet of snow like some areas, but any snow at all is an event in Alabama. And quite often in the past week or so, the temps have dipped into the 20s and 30s, so all I want to wear around the house are warm pants (and possibly hoodies, wool socks and slippers!).

Here are two choices for lounging pants that don’t look so bad worn out of the house for a grocery run. 

Old Navy Button-front Jersey Leggings

These are on sale for under $10 and are so soft and comfortable, I would live in them if they were office appropriate. They’re a little lighter weight, but still cozy. 

Torrid Skinny French Terry Jogger

I found these when they were marked down more, but at about $40 they aren’t bad for a heavy-weight material that can stand up to cold winds and look cool actually dressed for a casual movie or running errands. Personally, I wouldn’t do heels, as shown here, but furry boots or sneakers would work!

Where do you find cozy lounging pants? Do you like looser fits or snug leggings?

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