Embrace Your Wonder Woman

Sometimes you have days when you feel like you could kick ass.

Nothing particularly exciting happened Saturday, but I woke up deciding I wouldn’t let a sinus infection that’s been ongoing for a month now keep me down. I ran errands, crossing several things off my to-do list, including returning some clothes, going out to breakfast with my husband and tending to some stuff around the house. I was even in full makeup with my hair done — not normal for me on a weekend!

I’m not sure why I felt so good — because as I write this, all those things seem pretty mundane!

But I just felt good. Like, full of life, confident and happy with where I am, how life is going.

I felt like Wonder Woman.

As women, we’re often told not to brag or boast, to remain humble and grateful. I think these are important traits … to a point.

There’s nothing wrong with celebrating when you feel good! Let’s face it, with the stresses of life we often face, feeling really, really good about life is often a fleeting feeling.

So I say, embrace it!

If you’re feeling sexy, put on a great outfit and flaunt it! If you achieved something great at work, share the news with friends and family!

There’s a big difference between bragging and celebrating. And we all need good news in our lives. I, personally, love celebrating friends’ successes. It genuinely makes me happy to see others achieve goals. Happiness is infectious!

If you’re a little shy about sharing your successes, follow the lead of my good friend Jessica and start a gratefulness journal. Each day, write down the good things that happened to you. I think you’ll be surprised at how quickly they add up!

This week, I challenge you to embrace your inner Wonder Woman. Harness the good feelings you have within, and share them with others! Don’t be shy about celebrating yourself.

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  1. Ana TS
    February 2, 2016 at 2:34 pm (10 months ago)

    Fine motivating words. This is a fact!


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