Working On March Goals

I’m so happy to see March arrive! This month will be full of lots of fun events, and I have several goals to work on, too.

Here’s how my month will look:

1: work out with Hayden, vote! (Done!)
2: publish (this) blog post, Torque
3. meet with blogging buddy, work out 15+ min.
4. freelance work, work out 15+ min.
5. freelance/blog work, work out 15+ min.
6. freelance/blog work, work out 15+ min., visit with my cousin!
7. work out 15+ min.
8. work out with Hayden, Birmingham Girls Club clothing swap & donation drive
9. work out 15+ min.
10. work out 15+ min.
11. work out 15+ min.
12. freelance/blog work, work out 15+ min.
13. freelance/blog work, work out 15+ min.
14. work out 15+ min.
15. work out with Hayden
16. work out 15+ min.
17. work out 15+ min.
18. work out 15+ min., celebrate my husband’s birthday!
19. freelance/blog work, work out 15+ min., See Jane Write anniversary party
20. freelance/blog work, work out 15+ min., Birmingham Dance Walk
21. work out 15+ min.
22. work out 15+ min., my sister’s birthday!
23. work out 15+ min.
24.-28. My family visits for Easter weekend! (work out 15+ min./day)
29. work out 15+ min.
30. work out 15+ min.
31. work out 15+ min.

As you can see, I plan to work out a minimum of 15 minutes per day, whether that’s a short circuit, a walk at lunchtime or a full workout at Torque, spinning or my new dance DVD. This will also include 20 miles of walking or running to get ready for the Makeshift 5k on April 2!


Thanks to my cousin Kendra for sharing this on Facebook! I love this message!

I also planned for lots of writing time and fun visits with family and friends. And two important birthdays this month!

I’m really looking forward to a stellar March — and I hope you are, too!

What do you have in store for the month? Does it help you to plan out lots of details as I have here?

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