5 Reasons To Join This Saturday’s Makeshift 5k


1. It’s FREE! That’s right—there’s no fee. Just meet the group at the soccer fields off Green Springs Hwy. at 8 a.m. and start off on Lakeshore Trail, stopping to turn around at the entrance of Samford University to go the full 3.1 miles. If you’re not quite up to the full 5k distance, that’s OK! Come walk and/or run with us anyway!

2. You can participate virtually! If you don’t live in Birmingham, Alabama, please walk or run wherever you live and post a photo on Instagram or the Stellar Fashion & Fitness Facebook page or Stellar Fit Fam Facebook group. Use the hashtags # makeshift5k and #stellarmiles!

3. Get your workout out of the way! Feel better about your weekend indulgences by getting a workout in first thing Saturday morning!

4. Meet other fitness-minded people of all levels! Whether you meet us on Lakeshore Trail or virtually, I promise you’ll find a group of people who are working on their fitness goals and want to encourage each other. It doesn’t matter if you’re an ultra-runner or a beginner, you want to lose weight or you’re happy with your body as it is. We’re all about health and body acceptance and we want to welcome all!

5. Walk or run at your own pace! I’ll be at the finish line with water bottles and healthy snacks, whether the 3.1 miles takes you an hour or you’re done in a flash! I’ll be walking my own pace, too, so I’ll give you a high-five when I finish if you are faster than me, and I’ll remain there to cheer on each one of you!

If you’re planning to come Saturday, in-person or virtually, please RSVP on the Facebook event page. Happy Stellar Miles!

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