Motivation Mojo

Goodness gracious I need to get my butt in gear!

For the past couple of weeks, I have been extremely busy and swamped at work, so finding the motivation to workout has been next to impossible. 

But I’m ready to get my mojo back. 

Yesterday I asked how the members of my Stellar Fit Fam Facebook group how they maintain their motivation. My friend Tanya, who blogs at All In Stride, says she finds an accountability partner — something I’ve also had success with in the past.

Here’s more ideas on how I’m going to overcome this slump and get my motivation back in April:

1. Find a friend. I’ve already got this tactic in the work for next week with plans to make a run/walk date with Tanya, a yoga class with my pal Carla Jean and running/walking 3.1 miles this Saturday at the Makeshift 5k! Making plans with friends who also have fitness goals is a huge help. 

2. Tanya also suggested on Facebook that you set a larger goal to work toward. That’s also worked for me, too, and in April I plan to walk or run 30 miles — that’s more miles in a month than I’ve done in a while, but I need the challenge to light a fire under me! I hope you’ll join and let me know how it’s going on Facebook and Instagram. Use the hashtag #stellarmiles!

3. Try new things. My blogger friend Stephanie had a great post about this recently — how not to grow bored with your workouts. I will do a mixture of my favorites — dance classes, running/walking, spinning and swimming. I even have a new hip-hop dance DVD for at home. But I need to bring yoga back in rotation, and I want to hike a new spot or two this month as well. 

What other tactics do you employ to keep up your workout motivation? 

One great way to kick off April is to join me for the Makeshift 5k tomorrow morning! Virtually, don’t forget to post your pics! In-person, I’ll see you at Lakeshore Train near Green Springs at 8 a.m.!

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