I’m Overweight, But I Still Look Good


A Facebook friend recently posted that she’s not a fan of people saying “You look good!” when complimenting someone for his/her weight-loss. She said it’s like saying you don’t look good unless you’ve lost weight. And it’s kind of a back-handed compliment, isn’t it? It’s like saying you used to look like crap, without actually saying that.

One person commented that by saying “You look good!” he wants to acknowledge that person’s hard work — because putting in the work to lose weight IS hard. And I totally get that, too. Anyone who works hard at eating healthfully and exercising and drops weight should be congratulated!

But it does feel defeating sometimes to think others only see you as “looking good” when you’ve lost weight. Why can’t we look good at any weight — thin, curvy, plus-size, whatever the label you want to use, or even if you don’t want to use any label. You’re YOU and you look good as you are.

As much as we can repeat that to ourselves and even if we know it deep in our hearts, there is something about hearing compliments from others. We still value them, even if we know, logically, that they don’t matter. All that really matters is how we view and think of ourselves.

So it starts with us, right? If we start believing in our fabulousness, others will, too! Others will view your confidence and know that no matter what your size is, you feel good, look good and help others feel the same.

Our value shouldn’t be dictated by anyone outside of ourselves, so be sure to surround yourself with those who see you as you see you, and accept their compliments — weight-loss or not. There’s nothing wrong with being confident!

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  1. Artney @ My Pretty Brown Fit
    April 27, 2016 at 12:51 pm (7 months ago)

    I’ve seen people who have lost weight and they look great (or maybe they haven’t), but what I see usually goes beyond the number on the scale—or their (obvious) weight loss. I may see a confidence that I haven’t seen before, or they have a glow, etc. I’ve had people tell me recently that I “look great” (and I know that I have gained a few lol). I just receive the compliment as just that…a compliment. There’s nothing wrong (IMO) of sharing a genuine compliment to someone. Great post, girl! And you look FABULOUS!!!


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