Day To Night: The Aztec-Print Pencil Skirt

I saw it the moment I walked into the store — slim-fitted, statement-making zipper, classic black and white, trendy Aztec print.

The skirt would be mine.


Clearly I loved the skirt the moment I saw it at Lane Bryant this past weekend, but I didn’t know how it would fit.

Thankfully, it fit like second skin, the way a pencil skirt is supposed to.

But how to wear such a skirt, when you’re curvy and carry most of your weight around your middle? Well, a flowier top works for me — particularly bright red, which always pairs perfectly with black and white. The neckline details of this Torrid top married well with the dynamic print of the skirt — a hint of something without overpowering the print that should shine brightly.

For date night, I would follow the photo-inspiration seen in the Lane Bryant store — wear the full zipper in the front, on the side, and unzip that baby from the bottom as high as you dare to go. Pair with heels and you’re good to go.


photos by Sherri Ross

For day, twirl that skirt around, zipper to the back, and zip it up completely — no peek-a-boos in the office, please!


Throw on a cute blazer — the zippers on this Lane Bryant jacket add a nice nod to the zipper on the back of the skirt — and keep the heels. The midi-length of this pencil skirt calls for a slight lift of the foot.


This skirt spoke to me, the way clothes should. I can’t wait to pair it with mustard yellow, hot pink, magenta — any color of the rainbow, really!

Do you own any clothing items that spoke to you? What are they? What did they say?

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