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It’s May! I should’ve established my monthly healthy goals on May 1, it’s now May 3, but I was in Beyonce-land for the past two days — it’s a beautiful, magical place and you should visit sometime!

Anywho. I’m just going to come right out and say it: April sucked. I don’t want to dive into why right now, I’m just going to move forward. I did, however, come really close to accomplishing my #StellarMiles goal: 27 miles walked last month!

So let’s dive right into my plan for May:

  1. Walk or run 30 #StellarMiles! I want to clarify something about the way I go about this goal — I don’t count daily steps to add up to miles and use that toward my monthly goal. The 30 miles includes dedicated walks and/or runs specifically for exercise — not just walking to and from my car or around Target, etc. There are times when I include certain activities — like spinning or walking around a zoo — but I just wanted to clarify that these 30 miles are in addition to the usual walking I do throughout the day.
  2. Restart Couch 2 5k! A group at my new office is getting together after work three time a week to start the 5k-training program, and I’m really excited to dive back in again. I wanted to restart this anyway, so it’s perfect timing. I mentioned in the Stellar Fit Fam Facebook group last night that I’m doing this, and a few members said they want to participate, too, which I’m so excited about! Here’s the link to the nine-week program. As we talked about at work yesterday, this is not about speed, this is about training to cover the distance. So take your time! There’s also a free Couch 2 5k app you can download on your phone that will chime in and tell you when to walk or run, and it works while you play your music, too. Please let me know if you’re joining me for this restart!
  3. Track my calories on LoseIt! I started tracking my calories with this app a few weeks ago, and so far it’s going well — when I do it. So I want to commit to doing this every day this month, including days when I allow myself a treat or two (though as my friend Stephanie reminded me in her post about trying Whole30, it’s not a treat if you have it every day!). I have a weight-loss goal in mind, but I’m going to keep that to myself right now. I’ve been feeling up and down a lot lately about my weight and it’s affecting me mentally and emotionally. So while I want to actively pursue a goal, I also want to keep my mind in a positive place so I’m not jumping on the scale every day and beating myself up. My plan is to weight myself the week following my monthly visitor, and I’ll report in here with my progress when that time comes. For now, I’ll focus on tracking calories and the walking/running!

What are your goals for May? Let me know in the comments, or the Stellar Fit Fam Facebook group!

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  1. Jane
    May 3, 2016 at 6:52 pm (7 months ago)

    I would love to join your 5k group. I am determined to run the Diva race in September. I am also testing out new exercise plans and reviewing them on my blog. I look forward to the next Make Shift 5k as well!


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