The Number 

*This week, my blogging guru Javacia of See Jane Write prompted us to write a poem. On a whim, I had written this the night before her prompt. Couldn’t be just a coincidence, so I’m sharing this with you, though I haven’t written poetry in years! So be kind!


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The Number

My number is not the one I dread
The one I close my eyes before I see
I am more than that number.

I am 1
1 daughter,
1 sister,
1 wife.
I am 2
Two degrees, earned
I am 2
Half marathons I have completed
I am 3.1
The miles I run with a happy heart

I like multiples of 3
Like 9
The states in which I’ve lived
And 3
Best friends on a group text who make me laugh

Hard times have numbers
Like the loss of 2
Grandparents who molded me
The downsize of 1
Lost job that I loved
Or 3
The times I have broken my left foot

The number that has haunted me
For too many years to count
Should fade into memory
At the calculation of these numbers
Because these are the numbers that matter
My true numbers

The years I’ve spent on this Earth
2, parents who lead me
A sister, whose heart I carry
And 1
1 man, who stands beside me
With my love forever in his two hands.

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