Makeshift 5k: My Challenge For You

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to challenge you! That’s right, YOU!

I want you to get out your phone, pull your planner from your purse, go to the calendar on the wall of your office. Now, pull out a pencil, a pen, a marker or poise your finger over your screen to mark June 11 as the day you will walk or run 3.1 miles with me!

That’s right, the next Makeshift 5k is here!


Here’s the thing, this isn’t just a challenge for you. I’ve been so lucky to have the support of friends and family here in Birmingham and around the U.S. who want to work on their fitness, too. They have seen the challenge of walking and/or running 3.1 miles as a goal to help them work healthy habits into their daily routine.

But now I want you, yes YOU, to recruit others to do the same!

Do you have a friend whose workout has become stagnant? Or a loved one whose nightly walks could use a little oomph? Do you know a coworker who works to get his or her daily FitBit goal, adding up those steps to get to 10,000 each day?

This is the challenge for them! We officially have one month to prepare, and you can walk or run the Makeshift 5k at your own pace.

No rush — no pushy “balloon lady” who makes you feel like you have to stay in front of her or you’ll be swept off the course. The Makeshift 5k is for ultrarunners who can run a mile in no time flat. It’s for beginners who want to walk the whole thing at their own pace. It’s for friends and family, kids in strollers, dogs on leashes.

And best thing yet — it’s FREE!!!

That’s right! Absolutely free! This may be a challenge, and it may be a goal for us to work toward together, but it’s casual. There’s no official sign-up or fee or race bib. I encourage you to download the Nike+ app to track your mileage, pace and time. Or, simply walk or run Lakeshore Trail with us at your leisure.

Do it for fun. Do it for health. Do it for community.


I will have more information coming in the next month — including directions to the location in Birmingham, info on how you can join in virtually and teasers about the PRIZES — yes PRIZES — I’ll be giving away.

One hint: one lucky participant who brings someone with him/her who hasn’t attended a previous Makeshift 5k will be entered into a drawing for a prize! So start recruiting!

For now, head on over to the Facebook event and let me know you’re planning to come! Can’t wait to walk and run with you on June 11!

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