Healthy Goals For June


I start each month with great enthusiasm for the healthy goals I’ve made for myself, and somehow by the end of the month, it seems one or more of those goals has fallen by the wayside.

Luckily this month that didn’t really happen! All in all, I didn’t end May in too bad of shape — I walked or ran 30 miles in May, tracked my calories every day except while on vacation this past weekend, and I completed most of the Couch to 5k runs scheduled by my group at work.

This next month I plan to work on those same goals, plus two more:

  1. Continue the Couch to 5k program, including making up a few runs I missed to get me back on track.
  2. Continue tracking calories with the LoseIt! app, this time including my next trip away — a visit to see family and friends in the Northeast. Even if I do go over my allotted daily calories, and I will try not to, I plan to track every bite.
  3. Walk or run 30 miles in June — like last month, this for me will be exercise miles only. What I mean by that is, I rarely include miles I walk throughout the day (such as around my office or back and forth to my car) as exercise miles. I think it’s important to get in steps each day any way that you can, but I try to make these 30 miles extra. They are dedicated exercise in addition to my other daily steps.
  4. Lose 4 pounds — while I try not to focus on weight loss as a health goal, I do want to see a few pounds drop off, so this seems like a modest goal to start with.
  5. Eat more fruit and veg, because I still tend to go for the carbs. I simply have a love for carbs that can’t be broken! But it can be controlled, so I’ll indulge in my favorite fruits and vegetables in order to make healthier food choices.

What goals are you working on for June? Let me know in the comments or in the Stellar Fit Fam Facebook group!

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