Start Your Saturday Off Right!

Good morning!

Question: Do you know what you’re doing this Saturday morning?

If your answer is laundry, cleaning, yard work, grocery shopping, etc. then let me tell you: those chores can wait.

Instead, I encourage you to do something for yourself. Spend some time reflecting, enjoying your favorite music, and moving your body.

Spend your time with me!


I wanted to send one last invitation to you to the Makeshift 5k tomorrow, June 11, at 8 a.m. CT.

If you live in Birmingham, Alabama, walk or run with me on Lakeshore Trail. We will meet at the parking lot for the Homewood soccer fields off Green Springs Highway.

If you live elsewhere, join me virtually! Walk or run wherever you are and post a photo with the hashtag #stellarmiles on Instagram or Facebook.

And if you’re not quite ready for the full 3.1 miles, that’s OK! I want you to walk or run with me anyway. Just go as far as you can. Remember: this event is to encourage healthy activity — no injuries allowed!

If you are joining me in Birmingham, I will have prizes on-hand for those who participate! Two prizes will be drawn at random, and one prize will be drawn for the person who brings someone with them who has never joined us for a previous Makeshift 5k.

So bring a friend or family member, and you’ll be entered into the drawing!

This event has helped me keep my walking and running up to a level that makes me happy and keeps me exercising on a regular basis. And I want it to encourage my readers to do the same.

So come join us in Saturday! RSVP here!

Do it for fun.

Do it for health.

Do it for community.


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