The Makeshift 5k Makes Me Happy!

FullSizeRender_1It may have felt like it was 90 degrees (plus humidity!) on Saturday for the Makeshift 5k, but I didn’t worry about the heat thanks to the smiling faces of those who came out to run and walk!


Thanks to everyone who participated Saturday — including a couple friends who joined in from Chicago and Pennsylvania:



It means so much to me that everyone came out to support the Makeshift 5k, and do something good for themselves — getting healthier together makes it that much easier! We all walked or ran (or both) at our own pace, and enjoyed water and snacks when we finished, giving each other high gives for completing the 3.1 miles in the heat of June in Alabama.

And these lovely ladies won prizes — water bottles with yummy Crystal Light water flavors, and a Target gift card!


Javacia, Emily and Dawn

A special thanks to Sherri of YouGotRossed for coming to cheer us on and take photos. And thank you to Javacia of See Jane Write, who has attended ALL of the Makeshift 5ks, and Christina of PinkLux, who completed her first 5k with us!


Christina, me and Javacia

And another special thanks to my hubby, who helps me prepare for each Makeshift 5k — his support means everything!

I always say that the Makeshift 5k is about setting goals for yourself so you can keep challenging yourself month to month. But it’s also about community! I couldn’t keep up with these goals without y’all — and Lord knows I let myself slide too often — so it’s great to have you all to keep myself accountable.

I hope challenges like the Makeshift 5k, and the support of the Stellar Fit Fam Facebook group, helps you reach your health and fitness goals, too!

We’ll take a Makeshift 5k hiatus during the heat of the summer. So be on the lookout for the next 5k to come in September. As Christina said after her run Saturday, “I can’t wait till the next one!”

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