Let Us Help Define Your Style

Learning to define your personal style isn’t easy.

I admit that during college, I wore everything from tattered jeans and tie-dye T-shirts to snakeskin print leather pants to yoga pants and oversize Penn State sweatshirts.

My style has definitely changed over the years, but as I’ve learned to accept myself and love my body more, my style has become a better reflection of my personality, my lifestyle and my confidence.

Helping others find that for themselves, too, is part of the mission of my blog, and my fellow blogger Christina of PinkLux. Christina came to me a couple of months ago with her idea for a workshop series to help others define their personal style and tap into that confidence. I was thrilled to contribute because I share her vision!


Tomorrow we will co-host an in-person workshop for women here in Birmingham, but Thursday anyone can tune in to the webinar at 6:30 p.m. CT and learn more about defining their style. Christina has created a workbook you can use as you follow along, and it’s all for free! You can sign up here today! Just click on “Register” and you will get the choice to attend to the online webinar.

So I hope I will see you online Thursday! Feel free to message me with any questions: stellarfashionandfitness[at]gmail.com.

Here’s to defining your personal style!

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