Healthy Goals For July

It’s July 5 and I’m just getting around to formally writing down my goals for this month. I usually try to do this before the previous month is even over, but sometimes important things come up and must be attended to first.


Luckily for me, my goals for July are fairly easy. I started a couple things toward the end of June that I plan to continue this month, namely focusing on eating less carbs and more fruit, veg, protein and healthy fats. It was working, too — I lost a couple pounds at the end of June, so I want to continue that in July. However, I have been indulging a little over this first weekend of July — I tend to stress eat when there’s emotional stuff going on — but I will get back in the right frame of mind.

I’m also planning to continue the walk-run method I started mid-June, which was helping me get miles in during the hot, hot summer days. But I’m not going to set a number of miles to complete this month — I’m just going to do as much as I can. I’m not loving running or walking outdoors in this heat, so I want to get back into the gym — I see spinning classes, swimming and maybe some dance or kickboxing in my future for this month.

One of the goals I strive for each month is finding that healthy balance between wanting to exercise and eat healthfully, and yes, lose weight, but also doing it from a place of love for myself. I don’t want to approach healthy goals or weight loss from a place of hating my body anymore — I want to do it for me, at my own comfort level and defined by my own goals and not pressures I feel from society.

That’s a tough thing to find sometimes, when you’ve been “trained” — more like brainwashed — all your life to feel guilty about eating certain things or beating yourself up when you skip a workout.

So I’m trying to come to all of the healthy goals I’ve set for myself this year, and this month, from a place of compassion and understanding of what I need and what I’m capable of.

However, I also know I need to challenge myself because I don’t feel great where I am right now, and making those healthy choices always makes me feel better. So I will approach these goals from that place — from knowing how good those healthy choices make me feel — and hope to maintain some steady success toward those goals.

What are your goals for July?

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