When The Heat Derails Your Workouts

I just can’t run right now. And I hate admitting it, but the heat, it does not agree with me.

The last time I ran was a couple of weeks ago, and I felt sluggish, overheated and sore the entire time. There are times when the fighter in me would want to power through those feelings and run anyway. But while I do love to run, right now I simply desire to keep up a consistent fitness routine. And I don’t see that consistency happening when I dread each and every run right now.

So I’m turning to other forms of exercise.


As someone who always wants to run or walk outdoors — it’s without a doubt my favorite form of exercise — it’s hard for me to take a small break from it. But small it will be — I will walk and run when I feel up to it, probably early in the morning.

In order to get several days of exercise in each week, though, I’m turning to my gym — and air-conditioning.

When I’m focused on getting in monthly miles, I forget how many different kinds of exercise I can do at my gym. With fun dance classes, a spinning class that I love and rarely get to these days, plus swimming, ellipticals and weights always at the ready, I have plenty of options to choose from.

I need this every once in a while to keep my fitness routine fresh. Lately it’s been the same thing again and again, so I want to try new classes and get back into meeting friends for workouts. I need that regular sweat session, for stress relief and, of course, to help keep my weight down. While what I eat is the largest part of any weight-loss effort I undertake, exercise makes me feel good, makes me feel healthier. So back to the gym I go!

When you need to recharge your workout routine, what do you do? What fitness classes or gym workouts do you enjoy?

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