Health & Fitness: We’re Not Alone

This past weekend, I was privileged to join a group of ladies for Nancy Roberts’ Fat Girl Yoga class at Yoga Circle here in Birmingham, Alabama. As I’ve written before, Nancy is a wonderful yoga instructor who makes you feel at home in her class. Regardless of your body type or fitness level, this class welcomes everyone.


I was grateful to participate in this class with these women because I do often feel inferior when I attend classes at the gym — sometimes even though I know working out is about my abilities and challenging myself, not comparing myself to others, I still feel like I want to keep up or prove myself. It’s nice to move my body and engage in exercise that’s all about listening to your body and accepting what it can and can not do. While yoga always challenges you to push yourself, as Nancy said on Saturday, “you still need to breathe.”


Coming together with others who are in different stages in their health and fitness journey, and finding that we’re all looking for acceptance and a way to stay motivated and find our own definition of health is powerful. Feeding off that energy that others bring to a class, and hearing how it fueled them and brought them light and life, that is powerful.

I have had some highs and lows on my health and fitness goals this year. After starting a new job, I stopped working out as regularly, squeezing in exercise here and there, but not doing anything consistent. I’ve also been stress eating a lot. So I am so thankful for a community of friends — new and old — who charge me to find what I need, whether it be yoga for stress relief, or more intense cardio for that feel-good sweat, and good foods to keep me energized.

I plan to channel that power they have given me and use that to do more, do better, as the fall season kicks off. I’m so excited for the next Makeshift 5k coming up on Oct. 8, and my plan is to run as much of the 3.1 miles as I can. So as I hit the pavement in preparation during September, I hope you’ll join me! I always use the hashtag #stellarmiles on social media as I walk and run, and I hope you will, too, so we can cheer each other on.

Let’s harness that power!

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