5 Fall Fashion Favorites For 2016

I’ll be honest: There are too many good trends that I want to wear this fall, so this list of five favorites is just an ice breaker! I’ll plan to post more favorites soon, but here’s a starting look at what I’ll be wearing this fall.

Dressy olive green


This versatile color has been popular for several years, but this year it seems to be making a leap from casual jogger pants into the realm of dressier workwear. This pair of Lane Bryant tuxedo stripe ankle pants ($59.95) is flattering and would work well with a slinky top for a date or a blouse and blazer for work.

Booties with laces


I don’t think booties are going anywhere anytime soon, and I couldn’t be happier! I was never great at finding a good-fitting pair of taller boots, so booties are definitely my jam. I love the lace-up styles that are more prevalent in stores this year. This mushroomy-brownish-gray color (yup, that’s the technical term) go with everything! I saw a pair like these Target Terri booties ($34.99) on a friend’s stylish 16-year-old daughter and thought, “I can wear them, too, even though I’m 36, right?” Right!

Velvet touches


I once had a deep pink velvet blazer circa 2002, and I regret getting rid of it now that velvet is back in this fall. One thing I love about this trend is you can take it as far as you want — go for a full velvet dress, blazer or pair of pants, or stick with velvet touches, like on this great full skirt from Modcloth ($89.99).

Cranberry-colored anything


I refuse to give up my cranberry obsession! Thank goodness this color is everywhere again this fall. I recently bought this flyaway blazer from Dress Barn ($69.50), and I can’t wait to pair it with slacks, skirts and dark jeans.

Quilted accessories


I can’t wait for it to get cool enough to wear this jacket from Lane Bryant ($119.95)! I bought it recently and, I admit, I’ve been cranking up the air conditioning at home so I can wear it around the house. I’ll pair this jacket with everything, from dress pants and blouses at work, to sweet dresses, adding a little edge.

What fall trends are you looking forward to wearing?

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