Seeing Yourself In Black & White



This outfit just may be my new power suit.

The funny thing is, when I first saw these photos, I said out loud: “My stomach looks terrible!”

While this outfit may be all black and white, with a pop of color (one of my favorite outfit recipes, by the way), life is rarely black and white. Life is often full of shades of gray.



You see, sometimes I can walk the talk; I can hold my head high, feeling full of self-confidence and determination to accomplish whatever challenges I have before me that day.

And other days the negative voices won’t quiet themselves.

It’s a good thing to surround yourself by people who can help you quiet them, though. My husband, who took these photos for me, immediately replied, “You look great!”


So I started looking at the photos differently. In black and white, in reality, these Lane Bryant pants are amazing. They hug my curves and the soft flare is flattering and comfortable.

This Lane Bryant blazer is powerful and transcends seasons. The leather detail on the top, also from Lane Bryant, gives it that little something extra that makes you do a double-take.


Instead of nit-picking and focusing on our perceived flaws, take a look in the mirror and smile. What you see in reality, in back and white, is a beautiful person.



Lane Bryant Lena Grid Boot Pants ($69.95), Faux Leather and Mesh Top ($49.95), Modernist Suit Jacket ($79.95) | Shoes: similar here or here | Charming Charlie tassel necklace with earrings ($14)

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