Weird Fashion Rules

Lately I haven’t written about many fashion rules because I’m trying to live by the motto “you do you.”

While I do think there are some good guidelines to live by (no more “mom jeans,” please! Ever!), I also want each person to find their own sense of style and discover what rules they may have for themselves. But only if those rules have body positivity in mind! For example, all sizes can wear a crop top — don’t limit yourself by what society says you should or should not wear!

Still, I do have some oddball rules for myself. I’m sure you’re going to think I’m a little strange after explaining these, but I’m just doing me!

1. I only wear short black sports socks with ankle booties (unless they’re specially designed “boot” socks that are meant to stick up outside the top of the boot). I think white socks show up too easily inside booties, and I want my socks to just disappear inside them.

Target C9 athletic socks

Target C9 athletic socks

2. I always wear satin undies with jeans. I don’t like the way jeans catch on cotton as I slide them on, so I wear something silky so they pull right up!

3. I rarely wear plain white shirts. When I was a kid I spilled on every single shirt I owned. So even now I’m nervous to wear white because I feel like a food accident is inevitable.

4. I can’t wear a black cami under a sheer top with a bra that isn’t black. This is really picky, I know, but I don’t like having a beige or different colored bra strap peek out from under the cami. I don’t care about bra straps showing, I just want them to match my cami!

5. I can’t wear sheer stockings anymore. I just really don’t like them on me. I was mortified recently at a trade show in Kentucky when I pulled on a new pair of black Spanx leggings to wear under a dress only to discover they weren’t opaque — they were sheer footless tights! I really don’t like the way they look, but I had to wear them because it was unexpectedly cold and they were the only pair I brought with me. They will probably end up on the trash now, though! I do love the Assets brand by Spanx at Target — now these are opaque tights!

Target Assets brand opaque tights

Target Assets brand opaque tights

6. I don’t care about mixing metals. I know a lot of people won’t wear gold and silver or rose gold at the same time. They’ll even go so far to make sure the metal on their bag, shoe or belt is the same as their jewelry! I just don’t have time for that. Generally my necklace and earrings match, but I could not care less about the rest!

7. I like mixing black and navy, and black and brown. Once upon a time I learned somewhere that these colors shouldn’t be worn together. I don’t care. I love the way light brown booties or bags look with black outfits. And really fun patterns like houndstooth or chevron look great with blue and black. So that’s one supposed rule I just won’t follow!

Brown booties with black leggings?! Hell yes!

Brown booties with black leggings?! Hell yes!

Do you have fashion rules for yourself that others may see as odd? What fashion rules have you heard that you don’t pay attention to?

1 Comment on Weird Fashion Rules

  1. Clair McLafferty
    November 3, 2016 at 7:55 pm (4 weeks ago)

    Love this. I have so many weird fashion rules for myself. If jeans stretch in the butt, that’s OK, but if they shrink towards being ankle jeans, no.

    I mainly wear black shirts, especially in the summers, because I’m self-conscious about how I sweat, and pit stains are not my jam.


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