‘Fat Girl Power’ In B Metro Magazine!

Apparently I have only been friends with Javacia Harris Bowser, the founder of See Jane Write, for five years.

I’m not sure how that’s possible, because I feel like we’ve been friends for a lot longer than that. But if Facebook says it, it must be true, right?

All I know is Javacia is not just a good friend, she is my blogging guru, my writing idol, a true cheerleader of women and female writers especially. I wasn’t joking when I wrote in the acknowledgements in my new book that this book wouldn’t have existed without her.

And now she’s gone and interviewed me about Fat Girl Power: How I Built Confidence Through Body Positivity, Fashion and Fitness for B Metro Magazine!


Javacia writes a column each month in B Metro called “Write Like a Girl.” Each article is inspiring, and I am so lucky to be included in her most recent contribution.

Make sure you read the article, and check out See Jane Write — if you’re a female writer, this is the organization you need!

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