A Purple Party Dress


Photos by Kaitlin Bitz Photography

It’s time to party!

Whether you’re celebrating or disappointed in yesterday’s election results, today I will be thinking purple instead of blue and red.


That’s because today is the celebration party for my book Fat Girl Power: How I Built Confidence Through Body Positivity, Fashion and Fitness.

This evening I will don my new purple party dress from Nordstrom (similar here and here), and these amazing booties from Macy’s and celebrate with my friends and family in Birmingham, Alabama.


I can’t wait to see so many smiling faces in one place! And I’m so thankful for everyone’s support.

I’ve always had an affinity for the color purple. There’s something about the shade that denotes a sense of royalty and power — it’s girly, strong, pretty and rich.


So I hope you’ll reach for something purple with me this week, and have a little fun!

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