Holiday Fitness Goals

Man this time of year can be rough on the waistline. Whether you want to lose weight, or you just want to eat a few Christmas cookies without busting out of your favorite jeans, I know it’s not easy.  

You know I’m not the sort to say no to cornbread dressing, but I do have health and fitness goals I’m working on right now, so I don’t want to completely let those go. So here’s my plan:

1. Drink lots of water. This is a daily goal of mine, but one that easily goes down the drain (pun intended) when I’m busy and not making the effort. So my extra-large water bottles will come in handy so I don’t forget to drink at least 64 ounces+ of water a day. 

2. Workout 4 times a week, minimum. Now that my travels have taken a pause until Christmas, I can focus on getting to my Torque classes as often as possible. The other members there work hard, and they’re great at cheering everyone else on. I know they’ll keep me accountable. 

3. Eat special treats only on special occasions. Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day — while these are only two actual days, the treats of the season are basically around at all times. I want to make sure most of my meals and snacks are healthy and within the calorie limit I want to stick to each day, and only eat goodies at the Christmas party and other special events. 

4. Show myself grace. If I can do the other three things as best as possible, then I need to be happy with that and not beat myself up for not being “perfect.” I want to work on my health and fitness because I want to, not to fit a definition demanded by society. And I want to do it out of love for myself, not because I hate my body. So I will always show myself grace when working on these goals. 

Are you working on any health and fitness goals this season? What can be a difficult hurdle for you to get past this time of year?

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