Fighting For Acceptance For All

I’ve had a hard time trying to put into words how I’ve been feeling over this last week. I haven’t felt inspired to write much here, and I apologize if this past week’s posts have been somewhat lackluster. 

In the midst of the fun and excitement of celebrating the book last week — and I intend to write a recap post soon — I have been weighed down by sadness, anger and a sense of loss that I was surprised by. 

I was surprised because I wasn’t expecting it. I’ve been on this side before, when something you believe in and fight for doesn’t come to be. When the world you thought you existed in disappears. 

I’m sure to some it may seem silly over over-dramatic to take the results of the election last week so personally. But I don’t know any other way to take it. For me, this election came down to a few important things, one being who did I believe would fight for, represent and care for not just myself but people in my life I care about. 

As a heterosexual white Christian woman, I know I am privileged. Things are much easier for me than they are for people of other races, religions, sexuality or disabilities. While I may not fully understand what those who are marginalized go through day to day, I have people in my life who fall into every one of these categories and I want to feel they are as safe, as equal, as accepted as I am. 

I am sad and angry to know there are so many people in this country who don’t see things this way. 

I won’t purport to have any answers or even have many inspiring words to say. All I can do is to promise to always fight for the acceptance of all people. I know this blog is usually dedicated to the support of people of different sizes. But in my heart, I’ve always believed in and hoped to lift up all people everywhere. 

I hope that we who believe in the acceptance of and equality for all people can come together and continue to fight for those ideals. 

If you are in Birmingham, please follow my friend Clair’s blog — she’s writing daily about how you can give back and help others. 

If you live elsewhere please follow the example of my friend who sought out her town council person and started brainstorming ideas for how to get involved, how to spread a message of acceptance. 

I am going to learn from these women, as I learn daily from so many amazing women. I am going to stand with them and others. And I am going to fight for acceptance for all. 

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