What I Want Now: Rock ‘n’ Roll Booties

Monday night I attended the Carrie Underwood concert, thanks to a friend who passed on her ticket when she had to go out of town. I loved the show — she puts on a great performance and has a beautiful voice. But I was seriously distracted by one thing: her clothes! Namely, her amazing studded black boots. 

Of course I immediately started searching for a pair of my own. Sadly I haven’t come across a pair as cool as hers, but here are a few choices with rock ‘n’ roll flare that I love. 

Guess, $60

If you’re going to wear badass boots, go all the way! Combat style, a chain and studded buckle. Tough-girl touches that will look great with lots of outfits. 

Vince Camuto, $189

I love the buckle and quilted touches on this pair. 

Karen Scott, $53

The mixed materials and pattern on this pair add a little something special. 

indigo rd., $51

While these are studded all over, they’re still subtle. 

Naturalizer, $169

Besides the combat boots above, these are my favorite. I love the straps and gold details. 

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