Confession: Sometimes I Suck

Sometimes I can talk a good game.

I can have conversations with people, or write blog posts, about how this is it. This is the day I’m going to get to the grocery store and buy all the healthy ingredients. Prepare all the homecooked meals. Get all the dirty laundry done. Work out four times a week. Return phone calls and emails and texts.

And then there are weeks like this week.

After making all these lofty goals — even promising to do several of these in a blog post — the only thing I’ve done successfully this week is get myself to work and bust my rump there.

Other than that? Nada. I’ve been in bed early. I’ve been nursing an oncoming cold. I’ve been reading a book and watching “Big Bang Theory” reruns.

After a month during which I traveled to Nashville, Kentucky and Atlanta, launched my first book and planned for the party to celebrate and held down an 8 to 5 job, this week I just reached my limit.

I’m disappointed because it’s not how I like to operate. I want to feel well and energized enough to work out. I want to be organized and do the piles of laundry on my floor. I want to make the most of my days and not go to bed at 9 p.m.

I know this attitude won’t last. I know I’ll get out of this funk.

I spelled out some health and fitness goals a few days ago, and one of those was to show myself grace. And I want to do that. I don’t want to beat myself up or feel guilty.

But I also know I need to make baby steps. Make one homemade meal. Get one sweat session in. Do one load of laundry.

Starting tomorrow: one step. And then use the weekend to right the ship.

It’s OK to suck sometimes. You just gotta pick yourself back up.

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