Letting Go Of Negativity

excerpt from my book, “Fat Girl Power”

Lately my body image has been in the dumps. 

I’ve had a hard time looking at myself in the mirror and not scrunching my nose up, furrowing my brow and listing off all the things I’m unhappy with. From the tiny wrinkles by my eyes, the belly that seems to never shrink and the spots on my chin, I’ve had a narrow focus on all things negative. 

Thankfully, over this last week, I am starting to let go of that negativity. 

Sometimes when people embark on a mission to eat healthier and exercise more, it’s because of all these negative things. They are tearing themselves down, thinking the only way they will feel better about themselves is to lose weight. I’m learning that I need to feel good about myself no matter what I weigh, and when I make the choice to eat better and work out more, I can do it from a place of love for myself.   

I’m happy to say that the last week has been successful for me on these two fronts, but I know it’s because I am looking at the positive side. Instead of focusing on what I’m not eating or feeling annoyed at going to work out, I’m focusing on how great I feel. I know that when I focus on eating better I have less stomach troubles and my clothes feel better. When I work out more, I sleep better and feel stronger. 

Notice I didn’t say anything about losing weight or the number on the scale. While I am hoping to drop some pounds, I am focusing on other positives — the non-scale victories — because I know there will be weeks when the pounds don’t come off, and I can’t let that feel like a negative and derail my mission. So instead I’ll find the other positives in what I’m doing and let go of that negativity. 

I’m working on this now because as my blogging coach Javacia has encouraged us to think with our blog work, December is the new January! Why wait until next year to start working on your goals, right? So I’m going to do the best I can now to work on my mission to eat healthier and work out more, and carry that positivity to the new year. 

What negativity do you need to let go of now? What positivity will you replace it with?

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  1. Clara King
    December 8, 2016 at 3:08 am (10 hours ago)

    Love this post. I too have bad days where my body image is low – can be really hard on your confidence. But I’ve also started to focus more on fitness rather than weight loss. I’ve been looking at http://www.edgbastonpriory.com/ recently; seems like a great place in Birmingham to achieve some fitness goals.


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