4 Tips To Handle Holiday Treats


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This is the hardest time of year to try to eat healthily. With office parties and celebrations with friends and family, not to mention the traditional goodies that no one wants to miss out on, all those bites can add up. And who has time to get to the gym with all that going on?

Here are some tips that I plan to put into action for the next few weeks:

1. Homemade only. Now is the time to be picky. If someone brings cookies to the office, or you’re facing a potluck lunch, the only treats you should allow are the ones that are homemade and look really, really good. For example, holiday Oreos are a No. Oreos are Oreos whether they have white frosting or red. A tasty maple cookie that’s a family favorite recipe? Try just one and enjoy the tradition as well as the taste. I think this rule will help control us from eating what I consider “silly” things, like Hershey Kisses or other things that are always around.

2. Pick one or two days. The office holiday party and Christmas Day — those will be my two days to indulge. But I’m going to try to resist the goodies that seem to float in and out of the break room all month long. It’s one thing to enjoy a holiday party or two; it’s different to let every day of December turn into a holiday feast!

3. Just say no. If your usual schedule is to hit the gym after work and then go home and prepare a meal, stick to this as much as you can. It’s hard to say no to drinks with friends, parties and shopping adventures, but if you maintain somewhat normal habits most days, you’ll still get in plenty of workouts and cook healthy meals at home more often than not.

4. Try something new! I think we often over-indulge because we’re bored. So spice things up with a new workout class or a new homecooked meal. My husband and I are trying Blue Apron meals this month for the first time. We were picking up food to-go too often, and so we decided to try this to get us cooking at home more. Our first meal was delicious! I’m hoping cooking at home more will help balance out the homemade treats I have now and then this month.

What will you do to keep the holiday treats in check this month? If you have any more tips, be sure to share!


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