Top 10 Posts of 2016

I just woke up — I guess that’s one way to spend the last day of 2016: sleeping in! I was supposed to get to a workout at 10 a.m., though … so, I’ll have to do better tomorrow! One thing I’m happy to say I did do well this year, it’s blogging. I’ve taken some time off the past few weeks, but this year I published 118 posts and had more visitors to my blog than ever before. So thank you, dear readers, for following me and, most of all, contributing to the conversation on my Facebook page and or Stellar Fit Fam Facebook group!

Here are my Top 10 posts for this year!

  1. We Are All Brandy Vela — the sad news of this sweet girl taking her own life after being bullied for her weight definitely struck a nerve. I will never truly understand how this girl felt, or how her family and friends feel now, and my heart goes out to them all.
  2. Going Bra-less Isn’t Senseless And You Can Do It, Too — a huge thanks to my friend Mandy at Off the Beaten Shelf for this guest blog post! She proves that conventional “rules” about wearing a bra isn’t for everyone:

    It seems unreasonable for women to wear a contraption that forces our breasts into a harness. Especially when it’s a harness that hikes our tits up to our chins in a misguided attempt to defy gravity. Why do our breasts need to be put on a leash and shoved into unnatural angles anyway?


    The gorgeous Mandy!

  3. Christian Siriano Doin’ It For Plus-size Ladies — my love for designer Christian Siriano is no secret, and I’ve enjoyed buying several of his styles for Lane Bryant this past year.csirianoblk1
  4. The Story Of The Red Dress — this post made the cut for my book! Learning to embrace my body and wear bolder colors has been a fun part of my fashion journey.
  5. Fat Girl Power: The Book — speaking of the book! This is the post that announced to everyone that I had accomplished something I never thought I’d do: I’d written a book! So many exciting things have come from writing the book, including appearing on Talk of Alabama this past week. And I think many more exciting things are yet to come!


    Signing books at the celebration party in November!

  6. Does My Aging Make You Uncomfortable? — another amazing guest post, this time from friend Jessica at Spiffy Eats & Giggle Water, on fighting the negativity that others put on us as we start to get older:

    I am a beautiful creation. I am a strong woman. And your insecurities are not now, nor will they ever be mine.


  7. Makeshift 5k: My Challenge For You — one of the best parts of this blog has been joining friends, family and readers for the impromptu 3.1-mile walk or run that has become the Makeshift 5k. This year I held three Makeshift 5k, and at each one I was blessed to meet someone who had never completed a 5k before — nice job meeting that goal! — or said they loved the event because it got them moving. Look forward to more Makeshift 5ks in 2017!FullSizeRender_3
  8. Wardrobe Wednesdays: Business Casual — this is my favorite way to dress, even on weekends, because this style for me feels pulled together and a little glam. I’ll be exploring more business casual looks next year, for sure.
  9. Body Shaming By Playboy Model Dani Mathers Is Insecure AF — I rewrote this post for the book because I think this is a universal problem — too many people, especially women, put down others in order to make themselves feel better. And it’s just not acceptable.
  10. Just Say No To Stretch-mark Shaming — I love the message Hunter McGrady shared about her stretch-marks on Instagram so much, I had to write a post about it. Thankfully, she liked my post enough to share it! Body positive minds think alike.

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