Chrissy Metz At Golden Globes Deserved Better From Fashion Industry

You would think they’d know better by now.

This past week I saw a fun video of Chrissy Metz, the actress who plays Kate on “This Is Us,” picking out her dress for the Golden Globes with designer Christian Siriano. She looked beautiful and the dresses Siriano designed were gorgeous. Unfortunately she chose to wear a different dress by a different designer that received mixed reviews.


I personally liked her dress OK, but agreed with friends who said the look dated her, the shoulder pads were unflattering, and the drapey velvet didn’t do anything for her figure.

But even more unfortunately, this was another case of a larger woman needing someone to be “willing” to work with her because she is larger than the average sample size and it wasn’t as easy to roll in racks of dresses for her to choose from, like many other actresses would be able to do.

This story is getting old, but we can’t stop telling it. We can’t stop pointing out when certain members of society aren’t being served by the industry who so happily takes our money but won’t create items that fit well, that are exciting, that make us feel good about ourselves.

And this goes for short people, tall, super-thin, limbless — whatever the need is, we should all feel that we can find something to wear that helps us walk a little taller and feel more confident.

No one should be left out. 

I can’t wait for the day when someone of a different size, not a sample size, dresses in an amazing style and it’s not news. It should not be surprising when someone who is plus-size finds an amazing look for an awards show — it should be a given. I can’t wait for the day when we can all shop for great clothes and not feel ostracized or “different,” but everyone is well represented and cared for by the fashion industry.

We have the dollars. We just want the opportunity to spend them like anyone else.

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