Why The Term ‘Fat Pants’ Sucks

I have a pair of black ponte knit pants from INC brand at Macy’s that I love so much. They are my go-to pant when I want to wear leggings but need something more “professional” looking. They look good with booties and flats, sweaters and flowy blouses.

They are my “fat pants.”

plus-size ponte knit pants, INC, Macy's

plus-size ponte knit pants, INC, Macy’s

Fat pants. Why do we call them that? When we’re feeling bloated or if we overindulged over the weekend, most women reach for a pair of pants that won’t make them feel bad about themselves. They reach for something they know will fit, will make them feel better about leaving the house and heading to work or wherever it is they have to go, that doesn’t feel constricting or squeeze their waist or hips too tightly.

It’s a shame we call them fat pants because a piece of clothing that’s supposed to make us feel better, feel comfortable, has this ugly name. A bad connotation that says “you did something bad, so now you have to wear these pants.”

Just like when we label foods “good” or “bad,” calling certain clothes by names such as fat pants loads way more onto them, and onto the feeling we have when wearing them, than they deserve. The term “fat” shouldn’t make us feel bad any longer — as I’ve been preaching for quite a while, fat is a description of something we have, not who we are.

Just like a pair of pants shouldn’t be a punishment for something we did or how we feel.

I’m going to stop calling these beloved black stretchy pants my fat pants from here on out. They are nice-looking, easy-to-wear pants, no matter how I feel or how my body looks.

Let’s ban the term fat pants once and for all. They’re just pants.

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