I’m Back, And I’m Pregnant!

I have to apologize to my regular readers for being MIA since the holidays! I’ve been in and out, but I’m planning to be back to posting regularly and sharing some exciting news with y’all: I’m pregnant!

BabyKingI would use that as an excuse for why I’ve been “off” lately on the blog — I was dealing with a lot of nausea and feeling very tired, especially after long work days. But I will admit that I’ve also been experiencing some writer’s block. Feeling disheartened, angry, confused, lost — there’s so much going on in our country right now that has left me feeling despondent, writing about my usual fashion and fitness and body positivity topics hasn’t felt right.

However, I do know that while we fight for equality and acceptance and compassion for all people, we must also enjoy our lives to the fullest and live life as we want to, shining a light on the good even while resisting the bad.

So this year is going to be a year of infusing a little more lifestyle on my blog. Fashion, fitness and body positivity will remain the main topics — according to a recent survey I conducted, fitness and healthy eating tips are your favorites, but body positivity still reigns supreme.

I was happy to hear you guys are also interested in lifestyle topics. So I’ll also write more about fun things like decorating, books, my pregnancy and good things I am involved in around Birmingham. I think we all need to share the good, feel empowered and feel like we can make a difference, whether in our daily lives to make ourselves feel good, organized and ready to handle changes (like a new baby!). So I am hoping to help you all feel that way, as I learn to embrace that for myself, too.

And all you fashion-lovers, don’t worry! There will still be plenty of that, too.

If you have anything you’d love for me to write about, any questions or specific topics, please let me know.

I’m excited about this new stage of my life, and thrilled to share it with y’all!

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