Stellar Baby: The First 12 Weeks


Now that all my friends and family know that my husband and I are expecting in August — and we’re having a girl! — I thought I’d update y’all now and then throughout the rest of my pregnancy on how things are going. Nutrition and fitness need to play a big role in my life right now — well, as always! But now that I’m moving into the second trimester and feeling more energized and less nauseated, I’m hoping I can get back more of the healthy routine I was really focused on after Thanksgiving.

So here’s an update:

Week: 12

Baby: is about the size of a plum! And we found out last week: we’re having a girl! (I’m currently using the apps Ovia and The Bump to track the baby’s development; if you know of others, let me know!)

Feeling: So much better! Since we found out around Christmas time, I have been fighting bouts of nausea. I carried around Saltine minis for a while, then baggies full of Cheerios. I was waking up in the middle of the night to pee (yeah, some of this is going to be TMI), and having to eat Cheerios because I was nauseated even in the middle of the night. But I really, really can’t complain because I didn’t actually get sick — so I consider myself lucky! I did feel very, very tired some days and skipped a lot of workouts (more on that later), but that energy is starting to come back, too.

Eating: I’ve been a little picky about food — red meat just doesn’t much appeal, nor does seafood. For a week or two I didn’t even want chicken, or any meat, really, but I think that’s starting to fade. Thankfully my doctor said that right now it’s important to just to eat what I can, and I haven’t gained any weight, despite my love of carbs (specifically, Cheerios. Seriously, I should’ve bought stock in this cereal, y’all!).

Working out: I am hoping I can attend my Torque class at least twice this week — the most I’ve been in one week in way, way too long. Between being busy at work, fighting nausea and having very little energy, I just haven’t been as dedicated as I was before the holidays. I am hoping to make a change with that now that I’m feeling better, and I want to get to Torque at least a couple times a week and pair that with lots of walking. Need a walking partner? Hit me up! (Just so you know, my doctor said I can do Torque for as long as I can, and Lewis, my trainer, always modifies things for me anyway. The only thing I can’t really do right now is crunches or lift weights that are too heavy.)

Planning: So it’s still early, but I have been pinning away on Pinterest some ideas for the nursery and tips and tricks from mommy blogs. In the meantime, I’ve made a long to-do list of “projects” to get done around the house, such as cleaning out our guestroom closets, making space in the kitchen cabinets, clearing out furniture so we have a clean slate in the nursery, etc. It’s probably way too early for me to technically be “nesting,” but I’m a planner, to-do lists make me happy and feel calmer, so I’m going with it!

If you’re a mother, or planning to become a mama one day, feel free to pass on advice or ask me questions! This is my first baby so I am no expert. But I love chatting about this and can use all the insight I can get!

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  1. Go easy on yourself when you’re not feeling well. The time is brief and you’ll get back to exercising when you’re up to it. You’re doing a huge job right now. Baby will let you know when to rest.