When A Workout Is More Than A Workout

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Last week as I headed home from work, I drove past the building where I usually stop and get my sweat on at Torque. And as I drove by, I started to tear up.

After three workouts the week before and feeling some cramping in my stomach and soreness and numbness in my right leg, the nurse at my ob’s office suggested I drink a lot more water and take the week off from more strenuous exercising. “Stick to walking,” she said.

So I shouldn’t have had such a strong reaction to missing my Torque workout. I was resting as I needed to, taking precautions as I needed to, and I knew I’d be back to do the modified workout that I’ve grown to enjoy so much.

That’s when I knew that I had found a workout that’s more than a workout.

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When you find a workout that makes you feel good, not just physically but emotionally and mentally, hang onto it. Keep at it. No matter how tough it is at times, return to it again and again. If you’re pregnant like me, do it as long as you safely can, and then look forward to coming back after the baby comes.

Workouts like this can be hard to come by. In my past, I had a few exercise routines that I kept up with and affected me more than just physically. There was running, regular Zumba classes, going to the free outdoor classes at a park downtown here in Birmingham. For a little while, swimming was my jam, and I’ve had short stints where yoga was a major part of my life.

Sometimes, the love for a workout comes and goes. Other times it sticks around permanently. I will always love the feeling of running, even if I don’t or can’t ever attempt a half marathon again.

And now I’ve found a great workout that is challenging each time I go, where I enjoy the community that has been built there, and where I feel encouraged, even if I am not the most fit person there by a long shot.

Because that’s not what matters when it comes to finding a workout that works. You don’t have to be the best — you just have to try. You have to want to give it your all and improve upon your own goals each time. As they say – you’re not competing against anyone but yourself.


I’m sincerely thankful to have found this workout and I will do a modified version of it for as long as I can while I’m pregnant. And I’ll try not to tear up as I drive past the building when I get farther along in my pregnancy, because I know I will be back!

*This post is not sponsored and I do not receive any compensation for endorsing this workout — this is my opinion only!

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